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Information about the Gala Concert and the Gala Dinner

The traditional Gala Night will be on July 19th. The 49th International Viola Congress is preparing a beautiful recital and a delicious dinner. The recital will be performed by our guest artist violist Tatjana Mead Chamis, pianist Andre Mehmari, and a Jazz trio (Luiz Gustavo Zago, Beto Vianna and Leandro Barsalini). The recital will take place at the beautiful Sala Watari at 7:30pm. Concert will be free for registered participants.

After the concert, a delicious Gala Dinner will be served at Espaço MALBEC with a Brazilian Menu “Comida di Buteco” which includes non-alcoholic drinks, beer, appetizers, starters, main course, dessert and coffee. In order to participate, you need to get a ticket. There are different prices depending on when you order it.

Dinner purchased in advance – U$ 45.00 or R$ 247.50 (BRL)
Dinner purchased during the congress – U$ 50.00 or R$ 275.00 (BRL)

Prices include itinerary with 3 bus transfers:
1. Institute of Arts to Sala Watari
2. Sala Watari to Espaço MALBEC
3. Espaço MALBEC to the Institute of Arts

We hope you will join us for this special night. Make sure to buy your ticket and secure your place!